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General conditions of lease

  1.  Premise
    The property subject of the contract is leased exclusively for tourism purposes pursuant to art. 1 paragraph 2 letter C), law n. 431/98.
  2. Booking
    The reservation is to be considered definitively confirmed only upon receipt of a deposit. In order for the booking to be completed, the customer must express his acceptance of these general terms and conditions.
  3. Payment
    30% of the rent must be paid as a deposit directly to the Agency also by postal order or bank transfer. The confirmatory deposit pursuant to art. 1385 C.C. , will be counted in the rent account upon arrival and taking over of the apartment. The balance of the fee, must be made upon arrival, and simultaneously with the collection of the keys of the apartment and the presentation of the documentation indicated at the following point. The keys of the apartment will be delivered only after full payment of the rent.
  4. Arrival
    The arrival must take place on the scheduled day, between 4.00 pm and 7.00 pm. In case of delay the Serenissima Real Estate Agency will have to be promptly notified. Otherwise the apartment will be kept available only for another day, after which it can be rented with the consequences for the client, referred to in the next point. Upon arrival, the identity documents of all the people who will occupy the apartment must be presented for registration.
  5. Cancellation
    In case of cancellation of the booking the tenant must give notice at least 5 weeks before the beginning of the stay; if the Agency fails to rent the apartment to others, the tenant is required to pay the entire rent. Only the written cancellation entitles, if the apartment is re-rented, to the restitution of the deposit, from which 5% plus VAT will be deducted. calculated on the total amount of the lease, for competencies and reimbursement of agency expenses.
  6. Residence rules
    The presence, even occasionally, in the building, of a number of people higher than the agreed one will result in the termination of the contract, pursuant to art. 1456 C.C. and the obligation to pay the Agency a sum, which will always cash in the name and on behalf of the owner, equal to the amount of the agreed fee, as a penalty pursuant to art. 1382 C.C.
    Pets can be brought and kept in the accommodation only if authorized by the Agency and in consideration of the Rules of each house. All guests are required to respect the rules of each house and in particular to scrupulously observe the rules relating to quiet, especially in the afternoon and night hours. The Agency will not be responsible for any complaints in the event that the tenant, having booked by telephone, is not satisfied with the accommodation.
    Sublocation and / or replacement and / or rotation of the occupants of the apartment with other persons is prohibited.
  7. Equipment of the apartments
    All our apartments are fully furnished and equipped with a cooker or gas cooker, running hot and cold water, electricity 220 volt. The customer must bring only bed linen, table linen and towels.
  8. Departure
    The apartment must be vacated by 10.00 am on the agreed day. The departure must take place during office hours to allow our staff to check the state of conservation and cleaning of the apartment. The Serenissima Real Estate Agency, upon request, can authorize the departure at night and in any case outside the office hours, but in this case reserves the right to withhold the deposit referred to in the next point and to send it by post once the necessary checks made, minus postage costs. The apartment must be left tidy, free of rubbish, bottles and boxes, with the inside shelves of the clean furniture, with the dishes washed and the refrigerator empty and defrosted (leaving the refrigerator door open).
  9. Bail
    The tenant undertakes to take the utmost care of the apartment and the domestic appliances (dishes, fridge, mattresses, etc.). Any breakages or damage to objects must be reimbursed at the list prices. To guarantee the punctual respect of the above and the commitment to leave the apartment in order, at the pick-up of the key the customer will pay to the Serenissima Real Estate Agency the security indicated in the price list. Said infruttifera deposit will be returned at the end of the lease, after checking the condition of the apartment..
  10. Responsibility of the Agency 
    The Agenzia Immobilare Serenissima acts only as an intermediary between the client and the owner of the apartment. No responsibility can be attributed to them for any breakages, injuries, losses, delays and inconveniences that usually occur in the accommodation. It will however lend its services to help solve any problems, provided that any claims for damages must be addressed directly to the owner of the apartment, through the Agency.
  11. Disputes
    Any controversy that may arise in relation to this writing will be composed in a friendly way. If the friendly composition is not reached, the dispute will be settled by arbitration at the "Arbitration Chamber" of Venice, on the basis of the current Bylaws-Regulations, which the parties declare to know and accept.
  12. Privacy protection
    Pursuant to and for the effects of the law n. 196/2003 on the "Code regarding the protection of personal data", we inform you that the personal data included in the booking form will be processed by the Serenissima Real Estate Agency in compliance with this law, only and exclusively for the purposes related to the rendering of the service booking and sending catalog. The completion and sending of the booking confirmation expresses the consent of the customer to the processing of personal data contained in the form for the purposes set out above.